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Donald Eugene Webb was wanted for the notorious 1980 slaying of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, Police Chief Gregory Adams. The indictments, handed down by a statewide grand jury, are the result of an extensive investigation by the AG’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police with assistance from various federal, state and local authorities, the news release said. The indictments are also the culmination of the largest-ever takedown in the history of the Massachusetts State Police Unit, assigned to the AG's Office, the AG's office said. The takedown included the execution of 100 search warrants carried out by more than 300 police officers, and resulted in the seizure of more than $2.1 million, precious metals, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of various types of property. “Today’s charges are the result of the largest illegal gambling investigation ever conducted in our state that uncovered a multi-million-dollar illegal money laundering and gambling scheme,” AG Healey said. “We allege these defendants were using illegal gambling machines designed to compete with our State Lottery, and manipulated them to maximize their profits and exploit compulsive gamblers." Authorities allege that the defendants were operating 130 illegal Nutel gambling machines, which operated like casino slot machines, they had placed near Massachusetts State Lottery products in various establishments including social clubs, sports bars, convenience stores and gas stations throughout eastern Massachusetts. The illegal machines were allegedly used to launder money, which the defendants would then split with the host establishments on a weekly or monthly basis. Authorities recovered more than $450,000 of the $2.1 million they seized from a hidden compartment in Stanley Webb’s Westport home, the AG's office said. Nutel Communications Inc.

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Ireland's Tax Agency Crackdowns On Gambling Operators

 Legislation  July 10, 2018 by  Tim Glocks Ireland’s gambling industry has enjoyed a rather conducive environment over the last decade which has enabled the industry to thrive all over the country. All that has changed in the last few months as the government has directed the authorities to turn its attention to gambling operators who have not filed their taxes correctly as well as those who are operating without a proper license. The Revenue Commissioners which is the agency that oversees taxes in Ireland is spearheading the campaign to clean up the gambling industry in the country. The agency has pulled up operators who have not filed their taxes as per regulations and operators who are running establishments without the proper gaming licenses. The clean-up has brought in a lot of funds for the government as so far a reported €1.1 million in additional taxes have come in and another €899,465 has come in from new licensing fees. The agency found a number of operators and establishments offering services without a gaming license and went on to issue as many as 4000 new licenses. A spokesperson for the Revenue Commissioners said that the agency would continue its crackdown to ensure that all gaming operators in Ireland are licensed and file their taxes properly. A warning was also issued to unlicensed operators that their gaming machines will be confiscated and they will be subject to prosecution. Gambling operators in Ireland are not taking the crackdown lightly and are fighting back legally.

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